Monday, 13 December 2010

A little trip to Sweden*

Do you ever have days where you get overwhelmed at all the things you have to do and answer it by throwing yourself back into bed because it's No Use and that the Whole Day is Ruined. Saturday was one of those for me. Usually on those days the Teacher will stroke my hair and make me cups of tea, then when I eventually creep out from under the covers and agree that it's not all hopeless and the day is not ruined, he takes me out for a vegan dinner**.

On Sunday I was still miserable so the Teacher dragged me to Ikea. I love Ikea. Most of their furniture hurts my eyes (bit too wacky for me, sorry) (and disposable. I hate disposable) and I prefer things that aren't in 10000 other people's homes but I like following the arrows and feeling like I'm having a good poke around someone else's house (I'm very nosy). We got lots of little things that ended up costing as much as one of the big things we said we couldn't afford. Oops. I only cale away with one plant this time, though, which I think was a big success for my poor boy.

I also cleaned out my bag,  which had Skittles sitting underneath all the usual handbag detritus I may or may not have eaten one. It may or may not have tasted like perfume. Funny that, since I don't keep perfume in my bag.

* I'm pretty sure real Swedish houses don't look like mini Ikeas, but sometimes it's nice to pretend.
**I'm not a vegan but I am a vegan sympathiser and I do love a good ethical dinner.

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