Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Crafting

I'm definitely a last minute person. I'd like to think it's because I work best and my brain is sharpest when under pressure but my dad would tell you it's because I inherited a talent for procrastination from my mum. This isn't my dad's blog! Anyway, I've spent this week getting my shit together. I'm making as much as I can this Christmas. The ladies in my life are getting homemade bath and body treatments.

I'm really pleased with this patchouli and ylang ylang body scrub. I home-make as many toiletries as I can so I'm chuffed to have something else in my recipe book.

I've also spent the afternoon making fudge for everybody. Now I feel ill from all the sugar and I've not even eaten any! If that's not injustice I don't know what is.

This fudge is criminally easy and quite cheap to make so I feel a bit guilty as if I should have put more effort in. Even though I know it's delicious and they'll all love it. Is that mad?

I stayed up until 2am this morning making these after I found a tutorial online. This is the prototype which is why it's not very neat. It took me a couple of tries to get the hang of it, since I'm terrible with fiddly delicate things (except untangling. I could untangle a necklace in the Olympics) but they're actually easy enough. My mum loves paper crafts like this so I've prepared some for her to make herself when she gets home.


  1. Two things, no wait, three!
    1) Thank you for your comment! I totally agree about handmade gifts.
    2) Well done on the fudge! I attempted to make baileys and white chocolate fudge and it went criminally wrong (even tho it is meant to be so simple!). When buying the ingredients I did think how cheap it was to make!
    3) We made those snowflakes at work the other day, they look pretty good!

    Im following you now :-) xxxx

  2. Hi! Wow Baileys and white chocolate fudge sounds so yummy- was it still tasty even though it failed? Thankfully this is seriously no-fail fudge, not a burnt pan in sight (I go through a lot!)

    Thanks so much, I'm following you too :) I want to crawl into your banner pic xoxo