Thursday, 9 December 2010

How I got here part I


Once upon a time there was a little girl. Like most her age she liked to imagine what she would grow up to be, a farmer one day, a hairdresser the next. Her parents loved the enthusiasm she had for all of her new ideas and encouraged her to dream. As she grew and the dreaming didn't stop, her plans becoming more and more implausible they became worried that she would never settle, never stick to something.

This continued right the way through the girl's high school years and people began to ask her important questions about big things like University and Careers and Life Goals. These questions upset the girl. The answers she could give them were never satisfactory. She knew that there was something that fitted her personality and the vague criteria she had for what a life should be, her problem was that she didn't know what to call it.  The girl withdrew from the question askers and spent a lot of time alone, climbing up a tree beside some golden fields, dreaming like she had done so often as a child. Eventually as the fog in her mind cleared one word kept returning to her, again and again until she was sure enough to shyly give it as a response to the questions which were still being fired at her.

At last! They had real things to put in their paperwork and the girl finally had a word that encapsulated everything she had wanted to be throughout all those years of dreaming. She was going to be a nurse.

I still really want to be a farmer one day, though.

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