Thursday, 27 January 2011

No Poo

The teacher and I are both quite keen on being green and even though we're limited with what we can do to our rented flat, there are a lots of little changes we've made around the house. That mostly comprises using as few petroleum based, non-natural chemicals as we can, so my decision last year to stop using shampoo was twofold: it's better for the environment and better for my hair. Maybe threefold actually, since it makes my crazy hair a lot more manageable; perfect for a lazy girl.

You can read about how to go "no poo" here. It takes a wee while for your hair to get used to not having harch chemicals on it all the time and I did felt like a total minger for about 2 weeks but after that everything settled down. I use a baking soda solution since I always have lots of it for cleaning and baking.

Even though I hardly ever wash it (lazy), style it properly (lazy) or get it cut (lazy and nervous), I think it looks pretty ok!


  1. AWh good girl! I keep considering doing this, however my hair is naturally quite greasy so Im unsure I could handle it!


  2. Thanks for the link to the instructions. I have been considering this but was nervous about the transitional phase. I just got bangs, and they get greasy so quickly. Keep us posted on how it goes & I'll let you know if I try it.

  3. @Sophie- it can't hurt to try! I think if anything it could make your hair less greasy, since the chemicals in shampoo strip away all the oil your hair needs so it keeps producing more. My hair doesn't get greasy now xxx

    @thisredhead- I did it last year sometime and it's going really well. I doubt I'll ever go back to shampoo now because I'm so happy with it. I'm not gonna lie, the transition period is horrible but you can pin back your fringe and braid your hair towards the end and it's fine.

  4. How interesting! Your hair looks in absolutely great condition, so full and shiny. I am always looking for other ways to be more friendly to the environment so I may well give it a try. Thanks for sharing the link with the instructions.